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因父之名 6.0
盧比尼王朝 盧比尼王朝
10. 要塞
11. 箭塔
12. 炮塔
13. 箭塔
14. 炮塔
15. 馬廄
62. 港口
63. 船塢
66. 港口
67. 船塢
74. 市場
75. 集市
78. 道路
79. 石道
80. 道路
81. 石道
86. 礦場
88. 礦場
90. Well
91. Sewers
104. 妓院
105. 客棧
106. 酒館
107. 旅店
149. Sawmill
151. Sawmill
164. Saltern
165. Bakery
166. Brewery
175. Dungeon
179. 大學
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Fishers Quarter
Fishers Quarter
城市/城堡 城市建築等級 城堡建築等級
建築類型 city fishers_quarter
轉換建築類型 LEVEL
建築等級 LEVEL 0 fishers_quarter
材料 wooden
建築效果 trade_base_income_bonus bonus 3
trade_base_income_bonus bonus -3 requires event_counter tokus_negative_event_harbour 1
trade_base_income_bonus bonus 2 requires event_counter tokus_positive_event_harbour 1
population_growth_bonus bonus 2
建造時間 4
建造花費 3000
其他建造條件 and event_counter governor_present 1 and building_present_min_level market corn_exchange and resource fish
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Fishers Quarter Fishers Quarter gives a slight bonus to the trade in region as well as improves the health in the province. Due to the storms and bad weather in the winter season its trade bonus is somewhat decreased. Besides farming and hunting, fishing was also a major source of food for the medieval people. Consuming fish was mainly reserved for the rich, though the poor did frequently eat what was left from a good day's catch. It was common to devise new ways to fish as much as possible in the lowest amount of time. Many discoveries were henceforth done during the Medieval Times including the rod, which had existed previously in China, but was not as advanced as during the Middle Ages. Obviously, the most common way to fish was simply with a hook and line because of its simplicity. As time passed, nets grew in popularity until a very important percentage of fish was caught with nets. They consisted of a very simple principle in which a net was placed in a river and many men had to lift it up with as many fish as possible. Sicily had the best fish which were widely caught. It was there where most fishing progress happened and where the use of fishing spears to catch bigger fish was more common. Medieval castles were frequently built near a lake or river to make fishing easier for the castle's inhabitants. Fishing as a hobby was though rare, existent. There are many records of kings sailing in a ship with the sole purpose to fish big and exotic creatures. Medieval people were skeptical (and sometimes even scared) when fishing in the sea because it was said that enormous and deadly creatures inhabited it.
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