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Deus Lo Vult 6.0
Mexìcâ Mexìcâ
Building class
12. Plaza
14. Palace
Previous buildingPalace Complex PyramidNext building
City/Castle City levels Castle levels
Building class city meso_palace
Convert to LEVEL
Building level LEVEL 2 acropolis
Material stone
Capability population_health_bonus bonus 2
population_growth_bonus bonus 1
agent_limit diplomat 2
agent_limit spy 2
agent_limit assassin 2
law_bonus bonus 3
archer_bonus 1
Faction capability
Construction 8
Cost 5000
Requires condition
Building Description
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Acropolis The Acropolis is the greatest of all the royal homes in the Americas, and only the ruling family of a vast and powerful city ever call these places home. The standout feature of these impressive stone palace structures is that they stand two stories tall, with columns in the great chambers of the lower floor bearing the weight of the stone floor of the second level. With enough chambers to serve a myriad of roles, the Acropolis is as much a centre of organisation as it is a symbol of power and prestige for its owner.
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Recruit units
No. Card Name Start quantity Replenishment rate Max quantity Experience Requires condition
Aztec Archers 1 1 9 0
Aztec archers are equipped with a basic bow, light armour and a club.
Aztec Spear Throwers 1 0.7 6 0
Aztec spear throwing unit. Armed with throwing spears and a macana club. Protected with a small shield.
Recruit agents
No. Card Name Description Requires condition
1 Diplomat A diplomat is a man who serves his people as a representative in negotiations. His well-spoken manner and ability to read those he deals with will come to the fore whether he is being sent to impress, flatter, bribe, threaten or barter with foreign dignitaries and officials.
2 Spy Spies are the eyes and ears of your faction, capable of being sent to observe foreign settlements or armies - hopefully undetected. Aside from sending intelligence on structures and inhabitants, once working inside a settlement, spies begin to stir unrest among the populace with propaganda. They may also succeed in disabling defences in a siege, which can prove utterly decisive.
3 Assassin An assassin is the ideal man to call upon when a foreign target is either too well defended by armed forces for a frontal assault, or if you wish to strike without it being obvious that it was you that gave the order. Not only can assassins take out live targets, they can also bring down a building marked for sabotage, and can even specialise in this field of destruction.
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