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Mexìcâ Mexìcâ
Building class
12. Plaza
14. Palace
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Great Plaza
Great Plaza
City/Castle City levels Castle levels
Building class city meso_market
Convert to LEVEL
Building level LEVEL 2 great_plaza
Material stone
Capability trade_base_income_bonus bonus 3
population_growth_bonus bonus 2
agent_limit merchant 1
Faction capability
Construction 8
Cost 4800
Requires condition
Building Description
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Great Plaza The Great Plaza is one of the great gathering points within the great cities of the New World. Local residents and travellers from other towns and empires, barter with everything from corn and cocoa beans through to treasures such as semi-precious stones and the plumes of the quetzal bird. Despite being colourful and wonderous at a glance, the deals made in the Great Plaza are often serious, and wars have been fought over trade arguments that start within its grounds.
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Recruit agents
No. Card Name Description Requires condition
1 Merchant Merchants are agents that work for their lord by establishing trade routes between distant foreign resources and their own local markets. Under the guise of private enterprise, merchants are able to move through enemy lands without drawing suspicion or committing a diplomatic transgression. When merchants work together so that they have a monopoly on a particular resource, they will generate extra income for their faction. Opposing merchants can attempt to make a hostile takeover of each other's assets, ending the other's career.
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