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因父之名 6.0
拜占庭帝國 拜占庭帝國
10. 要塞
11. 箭塔
12. 炮塔
13. 箭塔
14. 炮塔
15. 馬廄
62. 港口
63. 船塢
66. 港口
67. 船塢
74. 市場
75. 集市
78. 道路
79. 石道
80. 公路
81. 道路
82. 石道
83. 公路
88. 礦場
90. 礦場
92. Well
93. Sewers
106. 妓院
107. 客棧
108. 酒館
109. 旅店
150. Sawmill
152. Sawmill
165. Saltern
166. Bakery
167. Brewery
176. Dungeon
180. 大學
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Jeweller's Shop
Jeweller's Shop
城市/城堡 城市建築等級 城堡建築等級
建築類型 city jeweller_shop
轉換建築類型 LEVEL
建築等級 LEVEL 0 jeweller_shop
材料 wooden
建築效果 trade_base_income_bonus bonus 6
trade_base_income_bonus bonus -6 requires event_counter tokus_negative_event_market 1
trade_base_income_bonus bonus 4 requires event_counter tokus_positive_event_market 1
建造時間 6
建造花費 6000
其他建造條件 and event_counter governor_present 1 and building_present_min_level market market and resource gold or resource silver or resource ivory or resource amber
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Jeweller's Shop Jeweller's Shop uses local resource of gold, silver, ivory, or amber to provide an extreme boost to the trade as some people not only travel hundreds of miles to bring jewellery from far away land, but also are obsessed by it. Medieval people adored jewelry. Some jewelry had religious meaning and precious stones were looked religiously by some people. Silver was mainly produced in medieval Europe. Its production continued steadily throughout the Middle Ages and silver was even used to make coins until gold was introduced in the XIII century in France, England and Italy. Some gold was recycled from older coins and jewels, but the vast majority of the gold used by the goldsmiths came from trade or mining. Both Hungary and Bohemia did provide medieval Europe with a lot of gold which came from mining. Additionally, panning did also happen (looking for gold in a river by filtering other materials) which was mostly done in the Rhine area. Sumptuary Laws in C13th Medieval Europe came into force and capped luxury in dress and jewellery. Townspeople in France, were not allowed to wear girdles or coronals made of pearls, gemstones, gold or silver. Similar laws existed in England. The fact that these laws forbade yeomen and artisans from wearing gold and silver indicates how the status of jewellery and sumptuous dress had become widespread beyond just the nobility.
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