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因父之名 6.0
丹麥王國 丹麥王國
10. 要塞
11. 箭塔
12. 炮塔
13. 箭塔
14. 炮塔
15. 馬廄
62. 港口
63. 船塢
66. 港口
67. 船塢
76. 市場
77. 集市
80. 道路
81. 石道
82. 道路
83. 石道
88. 礦場
90. 礦場
93. Well
94. Sewers
104. 妓院
105. 客棧
106. 酒館
107. 旅店
155. Sawmill
157. Sawmill
171. Saltern
172. Bakery
173. Brewery
182. Dungeon
186. 大學
196. Roemer
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Trappers Hut
Trappers Hut
城市/城堡 城市建築等級 城堡建築等級
建築類型 city hunters_hut
轉換建築類型 LEVEL
建築等級 LEVEL 0 hunters_hut
材料 wooden
建築效果 trade_base_income_bonus bonus 6
trade_base_income_bonus bonus -6 requires event_counter tokus_negative_event_agriculture 1
trade_base_income_bonus bonus 3 requires event_counter tokus_positive_event_agriculture 1
population_growth_bonus bonus 2
建造時間 4
建造花費 3000
其他建造條件 and event_counter governor_present 1 and resource furs
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Trappers Hut Trappers Hut provides the high bonus to the trade as well as a happiness increase if there are furs resources in region. The bonus is much higher in the winter fur hunting season. Animal trapping is perhaps one of the first methods of hunting. "Modern" Steel jaw-traps were first described in western sources as early as the late 16th century. The first mention comes from Leonard Mascall's book on animal trapping. It reads, "... a griping trappe made all of yrne, the lowest barre, and the ring or hoope with two clickets...". Trapping was widely used in the early days of North American settlements (such as the Canadian Fur Brigade). Native Americans trapped fur bearing animals with pits, dead falls, and rudimentary snares. A dead fall is a heavy rock or log that is tilted on an angle and held up with branches, one of them that serves as a trigger. When the animal moves the trigger which may have bait on, or near it, the rock or log falls, crushing the animal. The four figure dead fall is a popular and simple trap constructed from materials from the bush. Before the colonization of the Americas, Russia was a major fur supplier of Western Europe and parts of Asia. Fur was a major Russian export since the early middle-ages. Originally the majority of furs exported from Russia were pelts of martens, beavers, wolves, foxes, squirrels and hares.
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