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因父之名 6.0
丹麥王國 丹麥王國
10. 要塞
11. 箭塔
12. 炮塔
13. 箭塔
14. 炮塔
15. 馬廄
62. 港口
63. 船塢
66. 港口
67. 船塢
76. 市場
77. 集市
80. 道路
81. 石道
82. 道路
83. 石道
88. 礦場
90. 礦場
93. Well
94. Sewers
104. 妓院
105. 客棧
106. 酒館
107. 旅店
155. Sawmill
157. Sawmill
171. Saltern
172. Bakery
173. Brewery
182. Dungeon
186. 大學
196. Roemer
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Silk Mill
Silk Mill
城市/城堡 城市建築等級 城堡建築等級
建築類型 city silk_factory
轉換建築類型 LEVEL
建築等級 LEVEL 0 silk_factory
材料 wooden
建築效果 trade_base_income_bonus bonus 5
trade_base_income_bonus bonus -5 requires event_counter tokus_negative_event_market 1
trade_base_income_bonus bonus 4 requires event_counter tokus_positive_event_market 1
happiness_bonus bonus 2
建造時間 4
建造花費 6000
其他建造條件 and event_counter governor_present 1 and building_present_min_level market market and resource silk
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Silk Mill Silk Mill provides high impact into the trade of the region, which is even greater if there is local resource of dyes to complete the process of cloth fabrication. Of course the trade is much higher in summer when the silkworms are in active state. The 13th century saw an already changing technology undergo many dramatic changes. It is possible that, as with in England at the end of the 18th century, advances in the textile industry were a driving force behind advances in technology as a whole. Silk indeed occupies a privileged place in history on account of this. At the start of the thirteenth century, a primitive form of milling the silk threads was already in use. In 1221, Jean de Garlande's dictionary, and in 1226, Étienne Boileau's Livre des métiers (Tradesman's Handbook) enumerated many types of devices which can only have been doubling machines. The instruments used were further perfected in Bologna between 1270 and 1280. From the start of the fourteenth century, many documents allude to the use of devices that were quite complex. The reel, originally developed for the silk industry, now has multiple uses. The earliest surviving depiction of a spinning wheel is a panel of stained glass in the Cathedral of Chartres. Bobbins and warping machines appear together in the stained glass at Chartres and in a fresco in the Cologne Kunkelhaus (ca 1300). It is possible that the toothed warping machine was created by the silk industry
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