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Deus Lo Vult 6.0 因父之名 6.0
Veliki Novgorod 諾夫哥羅德公國 Veliki Novgorod 諾夫哥羅德公國
Building class 建築類型
91. Well
92. Sewers
147. Sawmill
149. Sawmill
162. Saltern
163. Bakery
164. Brewery
173. Dungeon
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Execution Place
Execution Place
City/Castle 城市/城堡 City levels 城市建築等級 Castle levels 城堡建築等級
Building class 建築類型 city punishment
Convert to 轉換建築類型 LEVEL
Building level 建築等級 LEVEL 1 execution
Material 材料 wooden
Capability 建築效果 happiness_bonus bonus -2
law_bonus bonus 2
Faction capability 勢力效果
Construction 建造時間 4
Cost 建造花費 2400
Requires condition 其他建造條件 and event_counter governor_present 1 and hidden_resource metropolis
Building Description 建築描述
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Execution Place Medieval Executions often occurred inside the castles - away from the population. When a town was becoming rebellious, open acts of torture frequently occurred. A list of some of the most gruesome methods for killing people in the medieval time: -Rats: The executioner puts a cage filled with rats on the bowel region of the body. As everyone knows, rats are terribly afraid of fire (well at least wild rats are, the tame ones usually are not). So the executioner lights a fire behind the rats, and they eat their way through the intestines of the person being executed. -Cuts: The executioner carves a thousand small cuts in the person being executed, this person would (after a long time of misery) bleed to death. -Bone breaking: The executioner breaks just about every bone in the human body with some sort of baseball bat. The final smash (to stop the heart) was applied with a large steel hammer. -The stake: People were to burn at the stake... alive. -Quartering: Legs and arms were separately tied to four horses and each horse would run away. -Beheading: A large sword or sometimes an axe would decapitate the person being executed. -Sawing: The criminal was hung upside down and sawed in two pieces. auch! -Hanging: Criminals were hung at the gibbet and died either by breaking their necks or by choking to death.
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