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Lithuania Lithuania
Building class
31. Bowyer
58. Port
62. Port
70. Market
82. Mines
84. Mines
101. Brothel
102. Inn
103. Tavern
Previous buildingUniversity Sanctuary of DievasNext building
Altar of Dievas
Altar of Dievas
City/Castle City levels Castle levels
Building class city temple_dievas
Convert to temple_dievas_castle LEVEL 0
Building level LEVEL 0 dievas_altar
Material wooden
Capability population_growth_bonus bonus 2
happiness_bonus bonus 1
agent_limit priest 1
Faction capability
Construction 1
Cost 1000
Requires condition and not building_present temple_giltine and not building_present temple_perkunas
Building Description
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Altar of Dievas This small altar is dedicated to the worship of Dievas, the supreme god of the Lithuanian pantheon. Literally meaning God, Dievas is represented usually as an old man, in fact the oldest man in existence. Dievas often appears incognito and tests Lithuanian people for their kindness, using his powers to reward those that pass and turning people who fail into animals. Having an altar to Dievas in a settlement not only increases population growth and happiness but also allows for Dzukijan Horsemen units to be recruited.
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Recruit units
No. Card Name Start quantity Replenishment rate Max quantity Experience Requires condition
Cuman Horse Archers 1 0.25 2 0
Asiatic Nomads, who fight as mercenary horse archers, wearing little armour and armed with a composite bow.
Recruit agents
No. Card Name Description Requires condition
1 Priest These men of faith essentially serve as a mobile conversion force, spreading their faction's religion wherever they travel. While the soldiers battle their faction's physical threats, these are the men who form your front line against the perils of heresy, and can actually denounce witches and heretics that stalk the land - this is the perfect way to prove one's faith and conviction.
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