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Stainless Steel 6.1
Crown of Aragon Crown of Aragon
Building class
33. Bowyer
63. Port
67. Port
75. Market
87. Mines
89. Mines
94. Church
95. Abbey
99. Chapel
100. Brothel
101. Inn
102. Tavern
157. Ka'aba
161. Library
163. School
Previous buildingHorse Breeders' Guild Headquarters Convert to Wooden CastleNext building
Convert to Motte and Bailey
Convert to Motte and Bailey 轉換為城寨
City/Castle City levels Castle levels
Building class city convert_to_castle
Convert to convert_to_city LEVEL 0
Building level LEVEL 0 village_to_wooden_castle
Material wooden
Faction capability
Construction 2
Cost 3000
Requires condition
Building Description
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Convert to Motte and Bailey 轉換為城寨 The act of converting a Village into a Motte & Bailey significantly changes the way that the settlement will work, and what you can build there. Once converted to a motte and bailey, this settlement can be upgraded to a wooden castle as soon as you have the money required, rather than relying upon the population to make it grow. It will also be able to recruit cavalry and missile infantry, units that cities do not produce. This comes at a price however, castles are not conducive to open trade, and the settlement will generate less income as a whole. More importantly buildings that can only exist in a city will be destroyed in the conversion process – Check the building browser to see what structures will and won’t survive.
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