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Third Age 3.1 魔戒第三紀元 3.1
Gondor Gondor
Building class 建築類型
29. Bowyer
32. Bowyer
55. Port
58. Port
67. Market
82. Mines
84. Mines
99. School
101. Library
102. School
103. Brothel
104. Inn
105. Tavern
114. Theatre
Previous building 上一個建築Huge Stone Wall (Upgrade) Wooden Castle (Upgrade)Next building 下一個建築
Motte and Bailey (Upgrade)
Motte and Bailey (Upgrade)
City/Castle 城市/城堡 City levels 城市建築等級 Castle levels 城堡建築等級
Building class 建築類型 castle core_castle_building
Convert to 轉換建築類型 LEVEL
Building level 建築等級 LEVEL 0 motte_and_bailey
Material 材料 wooden
Capability 建築效果 wall_level 0
tower_level 1
free_upkeep bonus 1
recruitment_slots 1
recruits_morale_bonus bonus 2 requires event_counter is_the_ai 1
law_bonus bonus 8 requires event_counter is_the_ai 1
construction_cost_bonus_stone bonus 50 requires event_counter is_the_ai 1
construction_cost_bonus_wooden bonus 50 requires event_counter is_the_ai 1
taxable_income_bonus 50 requires event_counter is_the_ai 1
trade_base_income_bonus bonus 1 requires event_counter is_the_ai 1
Faction capability 勢力效果
Construction 建造時間 3
Cost 建造花費 800
Requires condition 其他建造條件
Building Description 建築描述
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Motte and Bailey (Upgrade) The 'motte' is a raised mound of earth crowned with a simple wooden tower, while the bailey is a larger area enclosed by a palisade of logs with a ditch outside. Sometimes the wooden components are 'pre-fabricated' off-site and brought with an army for rapid construction. Oddly, the word 'motte' eventually became 'moat', the deep trench around a castle rather than the man-made hill itself.
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