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Third Age 1.4
Rohan Rohan
Building class
29. Bowyer
31. Bowyer
45. Port
48. Port
55. Market
67. Mines
69. Mines
72. School
75. School
77. Inn
78. Tavern
Previous buildingInn Coaching HouseNext building
City/Castle City levels Castle levels
Building class city taverns
Convert to LEVEL
Building level LEVEL 2 tavern
Material wooden
Capability happiness_bonus bonus 3
agent_limit assassin 1
agent_limit spy 1
Faction capability
Construction 5
Cost 4800
Requires condition
Building Description
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Tavern In these dark ages is no wonder that many men would turn to drink, and thus also no wonder that a wise man would have the foresight to build a Tavern to cash in on the merriment and misery. Staving off sobriety may not be one of the nobility’s priorities, but placating the peasants usually is, meaning a lord is more likely to finance a tavern than he is to frequent it.
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Recruit agents
No. Card Name Description Requires condition
1 Spy Spies are the eyes and ears of your faction, capable of being sent to observe foreign settlements or armies - hopefully undetected. Aside from sending intelligence on structures and inhabitants, once working inside a settlement, spies begin to stir unrest among the populace with propaganda. They may also succeed in disabling defences in a siege, which can prove utterly decisive.
2 Assassin An assassin is the ideal man to call upon when a foreign target is either too well defended by armed forces for a frontal assault, or if you wish to strike without it being obvious that it was you that gave the order. Not only can assassins take out live targets, they can also bring down a building marked for sabotage, and can even specialise in this field of destruction.
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