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Abbassid Caliphate Abbassid Caliphate
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32. Bowyer
64. Port
68. Port
76. Market
88. Mines
90. Mines
98. Masjid
100. Jama
103. Masjid
104. Brothel
105. Inn
106. Tavern
114. Academy
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Market 市場
City/Castle City levels Castle levels
Building class city market
Convert to LEVEL
Building level LEVEL 1 market
Material wooden
Capability agent_limit merchant 1
income_bonus bonus 200
Faction capability
Construction 8
Cost 7000
Requires condition and building_present_min_level hinterland_farms farms and building_present_min_level hinterland_roads roads and building_present_min_level city_hall town_hall
Building Description
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Market 市場 As a town grows trade improves if merchants are encouraged to do business. A regulated market allows locals to trade without fear of fraud and brings in outsiders too. Many things are available, from the necessities of life to shiny trinkets to distract the simple, and information for the wise...
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Recruit agents
No. Card Name Description Requires condition
1 Merchant Merchants are agents that work for their lord by establishing trade routes between distant foreign resources and their own local markets. Under the guise of private enterprise, merchants are able to move through enemy lands without drawing suspicion or committing a diplomatic transgression. When merchants work together so that they have a monopoly on a particular resource, they will generate extra income for their faction. Opposing merchants can attempt to make a hostile takeover of each other's assets, ending the other's career.
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