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Siemenovski Foot Guards
Siemenovski Foot Guards
Rate 評分: 67 ratings 個評分
Great unit 非常推薦
Views 查看: 16766
Class 兵種 Elite Infantry Recruitable regions 招募地區 Russia
Men 兵員數 160 Required technology 招募需求科技
Guns 火炮數 Turns to build 招募回合 2
Firepower 火力 Unit limit 數量限制 1
Range 射程 70 Abilities 兵種能力
  • Can Guard
  • Can hide in woodland
  • Can hide in light scrub
  • Resistant to morale shocks
  • Inspires nearby units
  • Grappling Hooks
Technology abilities 科技增強能力
  • chevaux_de_frise
  • earthworks
  • Can use the fire and advance drill
  • improved_platoon_fire_grouped
  • platoon_fire_grouped
  • Rank firing drill
  • Can adopt square formation
Accuracy 準確度 55
Reloading Skill 裝彈技巧 60
Ammo. 彈藥數 15
Melee Attack 格鬥 11
Charge Bonus 衝鋒 15
Defence 防禦 20
Morale 士氣 12
Recruit. Cost 招募費用 1790
Unkeep Cost 維持費用 440
Unit Description 兵種描述
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Siemenovski Foot Guards Armed and equipped in the same fashion as line infantrymen with smoothbore muskets. They are, however, altogether more splendid fellows in uniforms cut from the finest cloth. Sartorial elegance is not the only mark of superiority, as these men are arrogant (with good reason), well trained, and terrifying soldiers. Any general is glad to have these men to hand, as they can be relied upon, unlike many line infantry units. They also make fearsome garrison troops as their loyalty to the throne makes them ruthless in suppressing dissent.

The Siemenovski Foot Guards were raised by Peter the Great (1682-1725) during his time at the Royal Lodge in Preobrazhenskoe. The Guard began as two Poteshyi companies Peter created to learn about the art of command. The Siemenovski Foot Guards proved themselves invaluable in Peter’s eyes, and further guard regiments were raised from among Russian nobles for years to come. The Guards were not just a military force: Peter used them as a political and administrative weapon. Officers were sent out to enforce Peter’s reforms across Russia.

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Require buildings 需求建築
No. Card
Building level
1 Winter Palace government 6 0
Peter the Great’s splendid building was intended to rival any royal palace anywhere in Europe or beyond.
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