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Napoleon 拿破崙
Ottoman Empire
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Murad Bey
Murad Bey
Rate 評分: 6 ratings 個評分
Good unit 強力推薦
Views 查看: 4913
Class 兵種 General Recruitable regions 招募地區 Worldwide
Men 兵員數 32 Required technology 招募需求科技
Guns 火炮數 Turns to build 招募回合 1
Firepower 火力 Unit limit 數量限制 0
Range 射程 0 Abilities 兵種能力
  • Can rally routing comrades
  • Inspires nearby units
  • Resistant to heat fatigue
Technology abilities 科技增強能力
  • inspire_unit
  • rally
Accuracy 準確度 0
Reloading Skill 裝彈技巧 0
Ammo. 彈藥數 0
Melee Attack 格鬥 14
Charge Bonus 衝鋒 10
Defence 防禦 9
Morale 士氣 11
Recruit. Cost 招募費用 510
Upkeep Cost 維持費用 30
Unit Description 兵種描述
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Murad Bey Murad Bey can inspire his men to fight on, even when they are bone weary and ready to run. Such a man, who has the respect and adoration of his followers is a valuable asset to any state, and should be treated well. It is advisable to keep this man away from combat, for his death could prove disastrous.

Murad Bey was the fierce Mameluke chieftain that faced the French at the famous Battle of the Pyramids. Even after their defeat at the hands of Napoleon and his troops, Murad regrouped his men and remained a threat to the French for some time. The Turkish word “Bey” literally means chieftain and was the original word used to describe Ottoman leaders; later it replaced sultan as a title. Bey was used to refer to military and administrative positions that were lower in status than the “Pashas”, who were governors of Ottoman provinces. As the 19th century began, Bey came to be used as an honorific equivalent to ‘mister’ in English.

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