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Magyar Királyság Magyar Királyság
No. Type Title Threshold Description Effects Hidden Epithet Condition
1 Landlubber Poor Navigator 1 Seems to show difficulty in grasping how to best navigate during naval combat. -1 Command at sea
When to test : PostBattle
Condition : AgentType = admiral
not WonBattle
BattleOdds > 1.5
Affects : Landlubber 1
Chance : 100 %
No Naval Nouse 4 Seems to lack any real understanding of how to win battles at sea. -2 Command at sea
Total Landlubber 5 This man has proven numerous times that he simply cannot command at sea with any degree of success at all. -3 Command at sea
2 RulerofSicilyBonus Under Sicilian Tutelage 1 This admiral has honed his skills alongside some of the finest sailors of the Mediterranean Sea. +10% to Movement Points
When to test : CharacterTurnEnd
Condition : AgentType = admiral
FactionLeaderTrait RulerofSicily = 1
Trait RulerofSicilyBonus = 0
Affects : RulerofSicilyBonus 1
Chance : 100 %
3 Sailor Competent Sailor 1 This man has proven he at least has the seafaring legs required to survive a scrap at sea. +1 Command at sea
When to test : PostBattle
Condition : AgentType = admiral
BattleOdds < 2.25
Affects : Sailor 1
Chance : 100 %
Fine Officer 2 This man has developed a sound understanding of navigation and naval tactics, making him a worthy officer. +2 Command at sea
Worthy Admiral 4 This man has proven that he is capable of commanding a small fleet of ships to work together in unison effectively. +3 Command at sea
Great Admiral 8 So fierce and capable is this experienced naval commander, most pirates mention his name in nervous whispers. +4 Command at sea
Legendary Admiral 16 Sailors throughout the known world speak of this old sea dog with reverence and awe. +5 Command at sea the Great
1 / 1 : P1
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