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Abid' Al-Shira Spearmen
Abid' Al-Shira Spearmen
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Class and category spearmen infantry
Soldier aor_african_spearmen, 50, 0, 0.85
Engine and Ship
Attributes no_custom, sea_faring, hide_improved_forest, can_withdraw, very_hardy
Formation 1.1, 2, 2.2, 2.2, 4, square
Hit points 1, 0
Primary weapon 4, 2, no, 0, 0, melee, melee_blade, piercing, spear, 25, 1, spear
Secondary weapon 0, 2, no, 0, 0, no, melee_simple, blunt, none, 25, 1, no
Primary armour 5, 15, 4, metal
Secondary armour 0, 0, flesh
Heat and ground effect -2, -1, 1, -1, -2
Mental 11, disciplined, trained
Cost 1, 567, 243, 89, 65, 567
Unit Description
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Abid' Al-Shira Spearmen Despite being of the heretical Shi'a Faith, the armies of the Fatimids were far more traditional to those of the Abbasids, Umayyads and Rashidun Caliphates than any of their contemporary rivals. A majority of the army (Estimated to be 60%) were infantry arrayed by national origin, fighting as a shield wall with spearmen in front with javelinmen and archers supporting from the rear. Either the entire line would advance in the attack, or sections supported by cavalry would./n/nThus it was not the twin monarchs of tribal horse archer and iron-disciplined Ghulam which were the sentinels of the Fatimids on the field of battle. The sword and scepter by which the Shi'ite Caliphate held its dominion was with it's infantry, mostly sword, javelin, and spear wielding Sudanese Slave Warriors, and its cavalry, premier amongst them the Ajnad. Though the Ajnad were the most prestigious of the Fatimid's military, it was their Sudanese infantry which were the backbone from which victory or defeat would be wrought. Of free-men, mercenaries and numerous slave-warriors, theirs was a legacy of deep-seated loyalty and discipline to the Fatimid Caliphate; a bittersweet virtue that came to cause much of their annihilation with the conquests of Saladin./n/nCore amongst their black contingents were the Abid Al-Shira, the professional infantry of whom at least some were slave-warriors. These were the Sparabara, the late-legionaries of Rome and the faithful swordsmen of Muhammad and the early Caliphs, reasonably armored and sturdy-footed spearmen expected to hold the battle line with a shield wall and let their cavalry, archers and javelinmen operate from their foundation. Following the disbanding of the bulk of the Fatimid's administration following their failed coup against Sultan Saladin, the homelands of the wayward sons of the Sudan have become saturated with trained warriors with no scruples of serving a master of any faith just as his beloved Fatimids fielded a bureaucracy of Christians, Jews and Muslims.

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Ownership factions
Require buildings
No. Card Name Initial quantity Replenish rate Maximum quantity Experience Requires condition
1 City Watch 1 0.23 1 0 and hidden_resource africa
A City Watch can employ some professional warriors to train recruits, and can equip them from its armoury.
2 Militia Drill Square 1 0.3 1 0 and hidden_resource africa
A Militia Drill Square provides the space needed for training large bodies of men to carry out military evolutions.
3 Militia Barracks 1 0.38 2 0 and hidden_resource africa
Militia Barracks provide for every aspect of infantry training, turning recruits into well-drilled soldiers.
4 Drill Square 1 0.3 1 0 and hidden_resource africa
Drill is a necessary evil in the life of a soldier. It can make the long days of garrison duty seem, if anything, longer…
5 Barracks 1 0.4 1 0 and hidden_resource africa
Barracks house recruits and garrison troops in some small comfort, but then the life of soldier is supposed to be hard.
6 Armoury 1 0.5 2 0 and hidden_resource africa
An armoury allows for the recruitment, training and equipping of the finest infantry soldiers.
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