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Ahdath Infantry
Ahdath Infantry
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Class and category spearmen infantry
Soldier aux_arab_spearmen, 60, 0, 0.6
Engine and Ship
Attributes no_custom, sea_faring, hide_forest, can_withdraw
Formation 1.1, 2, 2.4, 2.4, 4, square
Hit points 1, 0
Primary weapon 2, 1, no, 0, 0, melee, melee_blade, piercing, spear, 25, 0.7, spear
Secondary weapon 0, 1, no, 0, 0, no, melee_simple, blunt, none, 25, 1, no
Primary armour 1, 6, 4, flesh
Secondary armour 0, 0, flesh
Heat and ground effect -2, -1, 0, 0, 0
Mental 6, low, untrained
Cost 1, 170, 70, 54, 45, 170
Unit Description
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Ahdath Infantry Though faithful men and devout followers of Muhammad, peace be with him, they would rather tend to their farms then be forced to fight. Taken from their dwellings by a personal guard to the nearest city, they doubt they will ever see their farms or families again. They are of an eternal brotherhood bitterly known throughout the bloodied history of the Middle East; the many cast into battle with little training and little equipment to feed a starving courage./n/nIt is not for their own personal God which they fight for, though they utter many a prayer for his salvation. Rather, it is their homes, their livelihoods, and the brutal threat of any local warlord which they put their lives on the line for.

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