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Cuman Horse Archers
Cuman Horse Archers
Rate: 1 ratings
Fine unit
Views: 627
Class and category missile cavalry
Soldier Cuman_Horse_Archers, 32, 0, 0.25
Mount fast pony, elephant -4, camel -4
Engine and Ship
Attributes sea_faring, hide_forest, can_withdraw, cantabrian_circle, mercenary_unit
Formation 1.6, 3.4, 3, 6, 3, square
Hit points 1, 0
Primary weapon 6, 1, cav_composite_arrow, 120, 25, missile, missile_mechanical, piercing, none, 0, 1, no
Secondary weapon 7, 1, no, 0, 0, melee, melee_blade, piercing, sword, 10, 2, no
Primary armour 0, 5, 0, flesh
Secondary armour 0, 0, flesh
Heat and ground effect 0, 0, 0, -10, 1
Mental 9, normal, untrained
Cost 1, 320, 135, 75, 55, 320, 4, 80
Unit Description
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Cuman Horse Archers The Cumans are a nomadic Turkish people occupying the area north of the Black sea, who are often employed as mercenaries. Accustomed to a life in the saddle, they are excellent light horse archers equipped with powerful composite bows. They prefer to avoid hand to hand combat though.

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Ownership factions
Mercenary regions
No. Mercenary pool Include regions Cost Initial quantity Replenish rate Maximum quantity Experience Requires condition
1 Volga Bulgars
Western Khazaria
Principality of Kiev
City State of Caffa
Principality of Ryazan
Principality of Tzernigov
Principality of Chernigov
Northern Khazaria
Eastern Slavs
Turkic Cumans
Principality of Tmutarakan
Southern Khazaria
Theme of Cherson
620 1 0.04 - 0.13 2 2
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