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Third Age 1.3 魔戒第三紀元 1.3
Isengard Isengard
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14. Mine
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Snaga Skirmishers
Snaga Skirmishers
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Unit Description 兵種描述
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Snaga Skirmishers "Snaga" is a term meaning "slave" in the Goblin tongue, used when referring to those classed as "lesser Orcs". Being a Goblin prisoner is not an enviable position, as they are either put to work within the tunnels, sent to battle, or worse. These slaves are those dredged up to fight, equipped with light, armour-piercing throwing spears and given no armour whatsoever. On the battlefield, they are expected to close with the enemy and deliver medium-ranged volleys into their ranks, an extremely dangerous task that more often than not is intended to merely distract the enemy while the main Goblin force marches unmolested. Few Skirmishers survive their first battle, but they are little missed by their commanders. Cowardly and extremely vulnerable to enemy attack, Snaga Skirmishers cannot be relied upon during a prolonged engagement, and are best utilised as close support for other units, or simply as fodder.

Armour upgrade 護甲升級
Class and category 兵種 missile infantry
Soldier 兵員數量 snaga_skirmishers, 100, 0, 0.8
Mount 騎乘座騎 , elephant -12
Engine and Ship 攻城器與戰船
Attributes 特殊屬性 sea_faring, hide_forest, hardy, can_withdraw, start_not_skirmishing, free_upkeep_unit
Formation 陣形 1.2, 1.2, 2.4, 2.4, 4, square
Hit points 生命值 1, 2
Primary weapon 主武器 6, 3, javelin, 55, 2, thrown, missile_mechanical, piercing, spear, 0, 1, thrown
Secondary weapon 副武器 4, 3, no, 0, 0, melee, melee_blade, piercing, sword, 25, 1, no
Primary armour 主防禦 2, 2, 0, leather
Secondary armour 副防禦 0, 0, flesh
Heat and ground effect 氣候地形影響 0, 0, -1, 0, -1
Mental 士氣 8, low, trained
Cost 招募成本 1, 340, 150, 60, 60, 340, 4, 100
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Ownership factions 擁有勢力
Require buildings 需求建築
No. Card
Initial quantity
Replenish rate
Maximum quantity
Requires condition
1 Town Watch 1 0.5 3 0 and region_religion catholic 15
The Town Watch have the minimum equipment and resources needed to train infantry.
2 Town Guard 1 0.5 4 0 and region_religion catholic 15
A Town Guard trains recruits and can provide enough basic arms for infantry units from stores.
3 City Watch 1 0.34 3 0 and region_religion catholic 15
A City Watch can employ some professional warriors to train recruits, and can equip them from its armoury.
4 Militia Drill Square 1 0.25 2 0 and region_religion catholic 15
A Militia Drill Square provides the space needed for training large bodies of men to carry out military evolutions.
5 Militia Barracks 1 0.25 2 0 and region_religion catholic 15
Militia Barracks provide for every aspect of infantry training, turning recruits into well-drilled soldiers.
6 Mustering Hall 1 0.5 3 0 and region_religion catholic 15
Men must be gathered, selected and trained if military strength is to be maintained.
7 Garrison Quarters 1 0.5 4 1 and region_religion catholic 15
A garrison is a source of much military wisdom and skill for new recruits to the army.
8 Drill Square 1 0.34 3 1 and region_religion catholic 15
Drill is a necessary evil in the life of a soldier. It can make the long days of garrison duty seem, if anything, longer…
9 Barracks 1 0.25 2 1 and region_religion catholic 15
Barracks house recruits and garrison troops in some small comfort, but then the life of soldier is supposed to be hard.
10 Armoury 1 0.25 2 1 and region_religion catholic 15
An armoury allows for the recruitment, training and equipping of the finest infantry soldiers.
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