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Third Age 1.3 魔戒第三紀元 1.3
Mordor Mordor
Units List 兵種單位
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Dismounted Black Númenóreans
Dismounted Black Númenóreans
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Legendary unit 極度推薦
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Unit Description 兵種描述
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Dismounted Black Númenóreans These dark descendants of ancient Númenor represent the worst humanity has to offer. Strong, ruthless and ambitious these Númenóreans succumbed to the same weakness of spirit that plagues all of man kind. They gave themselves to Sauron in exchange for power but have only gained hatred and emptiness. After the War of the Last Alliance their numbers dwindled but even now, after three thousand years, they rise again fueled by their pride and unquenchable hatred of Gondor. When stepping onto the battlefield the Black Númenóreans leave no doubt about their thoughts and intentions. Led by the Nazgûl, three of whom are Númenóreans themselves, advancing in imposing black armour, their faces covered by cruel iron masks, the Black Númenóreans resemble cold executioners as they massacre the enemy ranks with two handed great swords. These harbingers of death and darkness are a true terror weapon that only the very bravest can hope to stand against.

Armour upgrade 護甲升級
Class and category 兵種 heavy infantry
Soldier 兵員數量 Dismounted_Gothic_Knights, 24, 0, 1.2
Mount 騎乘座騎 , elephant +2
Engine and Ship 攻城器與戰船
Attributes 特殊屬性 sea_faring, hide_forest, very_hardy, can_withdraw, frighten_foot, frighten_mounted, free_upkeep_unit, no_custom
Formation 陣形 1.2, 1.2, 2.4, 2.4, 1, square
Hit points 生命值 5, 0
Primary weapon 主武器 18, 7, no, 0, 0, melee, melee_blade, slashing, sword, 5, 1.3, no
Secondary weapon 副武器 0, 0, no, 0, 0, no, melee_simple, blunt, none, 25, 1, no
Primary armour 主防禦 7, 8, 0, metal
Secondary armour 副防禦 0, 0, flesh
Heat and ground effect 氣候地形影響 0, 1, -2, 3, 4
Mental 士氣 17, disciplined, highly_trained, lock_morale
Cost 招募成本 1, 1200, 350, 100, 100, 1200, 4, 100
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