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Third Age 1.4 魔戒第三紀元 1.4
Mordor Mordor
Units List 兵種單位
Previous unit 上一個兵種Troll Catapult Next unit 下一個兵種
Rate 評分: 5 ratings 個評分
Promising unit 表現良好
Views 查看: 1425
Class and category 兵種 heavy handler
Soldier 兵員數量 pavise_spearmen, 10, 30, 1.0
Mount 騎乘座騎
Engine and Ship 攻城器與戰船
Attributes 特殊屬性 sea_faring, hide_improved_forest, hardy, can_withdraw, frighten_foot, mercenary_unit, power_charge, no_custom
Formation 陣形 2.6, 2.6, 3.8, 3.8, 2, square
Hit points 生命值 1, 1
Primary weapon 主武器 8, 3, no, 0, 0, melee, melee_blade, piercing, spear, 25, 0.6, spear, spear_bonus_8
Secondary weapon 副武器 12, 6, no, 0, 0, melee, melee_simple, piercing, none, 0, 5, no
Primary armour 主防禦 2, 4, 6, metal
Secondary armour 副防禦 0, 3, flesh
Heat and ground effect 氣候地形影響 1, 0, 0, 0, 0
Mental 士氣 13, disciplined, highly_trained
Cost 招募成本 1, 1200, 285, 60, 140, 370, 1, 110
Unit Description 兵種描述
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Wardogs Wardogs are bred for a savage nature and great size, but then hunting men is only a little more dangerous than hunting wild boar! The beasts are muscular and powerful. Originally bred for hunting large prey, they are now trained to hunt and attack men. Wardogs are usually unleashed on an enemy to break a line and unnerve opponents. Few men are able to stand steadily in the face of a snarling and partially-starved beast. The dogs are trained to bite and hold on, dragging down their human targets, and hamstringing horses. Their handlers are brave, hardy, and not easily intimidated. Most also have fingers, hands, or even chunks of limbs missing!

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